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Roedelius © 2005

H.J. Roedelius is one of the pioneers of Electronic music and sound exploration and Ambient music.

Asmat Omari © HeuRekord 2005

was born in Syria. As a member of the syrian-kurdic minority he has his musical roots in the kurdic, but also in the arabic music.

For his virtuous bouzouki style and velvet voice he is known and loved not only in his hometown Vienna, Austria, but also in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Tschechia and France.


Corvi Ridentes © 2005

The focus in the repertoire of the three Austrian musicians lies on old music from medieval through renaissance to the early barock music.

By the sound of their instruments and voices the audience is taken on a fascinating journey through the centuries. With their beautiful costumes and a bunch of colourful told stories they are an adventure for every age group.




Dave Tice © HeuRekord 2005

Dave Tice was the frontman for Australias heavy rock pioneers 'Buffalo' and the voice of the legendary British R&B Band 'The Count Bishops'.

Mark Evans is the bass player from the classic line-up of AC/DC of the Bon Scott era.

They  have come together to form a hard edged acoustic duo featuring Dave's powerful vocals and blues harp. Years of experience ensures that an evening spent with these two professionals is bound to be a lot of fun.


Ensemble Anantya © 2005

-  'from orient to occident'   interprets traditional compositions of classical persian music with new arrangements the delightful fusions bring polyphone elements into the original modal melodies created to a new sound.





© HeuRekord 2005

The ''Godfather of electronic''

He is one of the pioneers of electronic music and influenced a lot of musicans (like B. Eno) for a new music style - the ambient music.
"Hans Joachim Roedelius is one of the true originals of modern music: His delicate and wistful comositions seem to com from some long and secret musical tradition: - like the meditations of Sufi poets, or the baikus of Zen monks. One senses that under their calm and unruffeld surfaces there are complex and deep currents". Brian Eno

Headless Nation © HeuRekord 2005
S. Steiner © Mon.HeuRekord 2005

From songs in Gaulish played on reconstructed Iron Age instruments to the multitude of musical traditions in today's Celtic countries and from Scottish dance tunes to Breton kan-ha-diskan... Imbraxton play and sing in a variety of styles from the Celtic world. Listening to Imbraxton's music is a rare opportunity to hear the Gaulish language sung today. (Gaulish died out as a spoken vernacular about 1600 years ago.)


Irish Rovers © HeuRekord 2005

Get ready to hear the seagulls screaming and the hoofs of the Puszta horses pounding.

© HeuRekord 2005

Frankie went to Hollywood but Paddy went to Budapest.

Using his vast quantity of musical experience ranging from Irish traditional to Blues and Rock, Paddy McMullan composed, orchestrated and recorded his very own music with some great Hungarian musicians in some of the best recording studios in Budapest. Listen to the interesting blends of his unique music from top of the morning till the end of the night.

    Sicut Erat © 2005

    breathe new fire into the ashes of a musical heritage burnt out by scholarly conservation.

    Dressed in historical costumes they entertain the audience with a delightful repertoire of sheer & spirited ancient music.


    E. Zinner © 2005

    A flight of fancy from the North Cape over the Alps to the Bosporus: W.i.t.Ch.'s powerful performance casts a spell with songs and tunes from all over Europe in a romantic and wild repertoire. Merry drinking songs, poetic love ballads and songs about the bawdy and gruesome fate of women throughout all ages are diligently arranged for four female voices. Their instrumental repertoire comprises lively traditional dance tunes and quiet, enchanting airs as well as original compositions by its members.

    © Auer Quartet
    © Barbaro
    © J. N. Quintet

    "Janos Nagy has woven a rich tapestry of sound filled with gentle lyricism, cinematic textures and beautiful unpredictable harmonies. The entire program is infused with and propelled by the spirit of jazz, folk and world music.

    I found the compositions and musicianship of all the players to be of the highest caliber. I'm honored to have gotten the opportunity to meet Janos and follow his development as a musician and composer."

    Russel Ferrante



    © Tropical Transform

    Tropical Transform Quintet is one of the most unique and inventive jazz bands from Hungary. In their compositions they commingle classical-romanticism with explosive power and excellent technique. Their music gives plenty of space for exploration in the realms of Latin, crossover-jazz or Hungarian folk music, remaining all along within the field of contemporary jazz.

    © Vodku v Glotku

    Vodku v glotku


    klezmer, folk, jazz from Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe

    The Vodku v glotku band was founded in 1992. The dominant elements in the music of the band are pub songs from Odessa, Hungarian and Central and Eastern European folk motives, the Jewish music, the klezmer and polyphonic vocal music. This is mixed with the elements of jazz and other progressive musical styles. As a result, a musical world is created on the stage, which makes feel home Hungarian, Russian and Jewish people, as well as other nations inhabiting the Central and Eastern European region.




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