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Irish Rovers

Irish Rovers © HeuRekord 2005

Get ready to hear the seagulls screaming and the hoofs of the Puszta horses pounding.


A whole lot of sing-along and almost forgotten Irish songs sung by Paddy McMullan, the first living music box for Irish songs accompanied by the unbelievable exciting fiddle style of Peter Pejtsik. As if this was not enough: a powerful rythm front is built up by one of Hungaries best bouzouki players and a powerful percussionista who is rooted deeply in the celtic and oriental percussion scene. Sometimes folky, somtimes jazzy or classical, sometimes even heavy rock, yuo would never think of all the styles you can mix with good all irish folk music.

The Irish Rovers of Budapest are:

Patrick McMullan: Voice, guitar

Peter Pejtsik: Fiddle, voice

Ferenc Torma: Bouzouki, keyboard, voice

Percussion, bagpipes, tin whistle, voice

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