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This is the idea and the solution to a lot of problems we have to face as musicians, promoters, studios and networkers.

The main principles of this label are: idependence, innovation, revolution and enthusiasm. --> *



HeuRekord offers:
  • a label
  • distribution
  • online distribution
  • organizing concerts within the limits of a label
  • agency within the limits of a label
  • graphic art, art work, layout
  • web design (Html and CMS)
  • music, studio and live
  • audio mastering
  • sound engineering for 18 years
  • documentary film, short film
  • video editing and montages

  • DVD publishing

  • festival organisation and advice









* --> If you don't want to be placed in a certain music genre nowadays, you'll have a problem. Anything you can't categorize cannot be sold. This is the belief of the music business.

We don't believe that the consumers want to be fed with what the record companies want to feed them. We know many self-determined music lovers who are grateful for musical surprises and who don't want to hear the 150th cup of tea always made with the same guitar pop teabag. 

Even though we have our roots in world music through the Viennese non-profit making organization Euroots, in Heurecord we are open to all musical directions and new ideas.

This can already be seen throughout the whole programme.

We work internationally with anybody who cares about the music they sell and not just big bucks. If you want to sell wallpaper designs look elsewhere.




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